Restaurant Day Turku

Hi there! I have been a bit busy lately so there has been yet again a little break here in my blog but here I am again.
We visited Ravintolapäivä = Restaurant Day a week ago in Sunday and decided to go to Turku area.
We started our morning at Kuusiston Taidekartano which is a lovely place close to Turku.
Hei vaan! Olen ollut vähän kiireinen viime aikoina, joten blogissakin on ollut hiukan hiljaista, mutta täällä ollaan taas.
Me kävimme viikko sitten sunnuntaina Ravintolapäivässä ja päätimme suunnata Turun alueen pop up ravintoloihin.
Aloitimme aamumme Kuusiston taidekartanosta, mikä on tosi kaunis paikka lähellä Turkua.

We had some porridge with slightly oven baked apples, red currants and apple jam - delicious.
Me otimme puuroa kevyesti uunissa paistettujen omenoiden, jäisten punaherukoiden ja omenahillon kera - hyvää.

After the porridge we ate e.g. some rye break which were very artisticly decorated.
Puuron jälkeen söimne myös ruisleipää, jotka oli hyvin taiteelliseseti toteutettuja.

From Kuusiston Taidekartano we headed to downtown Turku and more about other pop up
 restaurants and the whole happening from Kotiliesi blog.
Have a nice week you all and see you soon!
I will have a little giveaway here soon, so stay tuned!
Kuusiston taidekartanolta suuntasimme seuraavaksi Turun keskustaan ja lisää muista pop up
 ravintoloista ja tästä koko tapahtumasta voit lukaista Kotiliesi blogissa.
Mukavaa viikon alkua kaikille ja nähdään taas! Pieni arvontakin on lähipäivinä tulossa,
joten pysykää kuulolla!
T. Sari

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Have missed you these last few days. Enjoyed this post very much. Looks like we may spend a couple of days in Finland in summer 2015. I am excited to think of it. Probably only Helsinki, though. Have a good week.

Sari kirjoitti...

Hi Linda! I've been a bit busy now that my husband started a new job in closer to our capital city and I am pretty much in charge of all the everyday routines here at home plus all my work that I am doing as a photographer so that's why I've had a little pause here at my blog... :-)

But I try to post more frequently from now on (like if I have said this before... :-)) and I am glad to see that you still come here even though it has been kinda quiet here lately.

Oh I'm so glad to hear that you're coming to Finland next summer! Helsinki is a wonderful city during summer time! And e.g. Porvoo is not that far away from Helsinki if you want to visit some old town areas while visiting Finland.

Please let me know if you need any tips for your visit. Suomenlinna might also interest you. You can go there by taking a little ferry ride from Helsinki.

Have a nice week!