1st of May

Oh what a sunny weekend we had when celebrating 1st of May!
Lots of bar-b-que and outdoor time. Loved it!
Oi mikä ihanan aurinkoinen viikonloppu meillä olikaan vappuna!
Paljon grillailua ja ulkoilua! Mahtavaa!

We have extended our terrace on our front yard and decided to have dinner outside on Saturday.
So nice to have that T-shirt weather here in Finland!
Me laajensimme meidän etupihan terassia ja siellä sitten syötiin myös vappuaattona
grilliherkkuja. Ja niin kuin näkyy, niin täällä oli jo ihan teepparikelit.

Our daughter is crazy about all sorts of sports and here she goes again... :-)
It has been kinda quiet again here in my blog since I've been busy with work
and tomorrow I will travel again to photoshoot one lovely home.
I will try and do postings more frequently and tell you guys how we're doing.
I also have one nice cook book giveaway that I will do soon
so stay tuned!
Meidän neiti on innostunut kyllä ihan kaikenlaisesta liikunnasta ja tässä taas mennään... ;-)
Hiljaista on vähän ollut tämä blogielo taas, niin paljon kaikkea työhommaa on tässä ollut ja
huomenna suuntaan taas kuvauskeikalle pohjoiseen kuvaamaan yhtä kaunista kotia.
Mutta laitan aina kuulumisia ja kuvia tänne kun vain suinkin ennätän.
Yksi kiva ruoka-aiheinen kirja-arvontakin on tulossa, joten pysykää kuulolla!

5 kommenttia:

Jonna H. kirjoitti...

Ihana keväinen fiilis kuvissa. <3

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi Sari, I have been looking at your blog daily to see if there is another post, and am so happy this morning. Your May first meal looks delicious and healthy. Your daughter looks like she is having lots of fun. Here, May 1st was a beautiful day. We went to a wedding in Seattle, and the lake near the church was busy with kayakers, people on paddleboats and people enjoying picnics.

Linda xoxo

Sari kirjoitti...

Kiitos Jonna, viikonloppuna oli kyllä ihana sää ja mahtavaa, kun lämpimät ja surinkoiset säät vaan jatkuu :-) Mukavaa helatorstaita ja loppuviikkoa!

I'm so happy to see your comment here Linda. We've been so busy lately and I also got myself a nasty flu over a week ago so that I just had to cut down the extra time on computer besides work stuff :-(

But I will try to post here more frequently again. I hope you enjoy your new home, liked the pics and now realized I haven't replied to your email. I will email you soon, so let's be in touch here and also by email ;-)

Have a great and sunny week! That wedding in Seattle sounded wonderful with a nice scenery as well witj the lake and all :-)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

So sorry, Sari, that you had the flu. By the end of the day tomorrow, the interior work should be finished except for the fireplace. I will send more photos later. The landscaping is happening too. Many changes outside.

Stay well.


Sari kirjoitti...

Hi Linda. I am feeling better already and even visited the gym yesterday after a long pause. Now I'm sitting in a train and admiring these sunny sceneries on my way to Oulu. Have a nice day and waiting to see more pics of your new home ;-)