We spent couple of days in Copenhagen in June and here is
a little photo tour through the city streets.

Vietimme muutaman päivän Köpiksessä kesäkuussa ja
tässä pieni kuvakierros kaupungin kaduilta.


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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

We have visited Copenhagen three times and these photos bring back many memories. My paternal grandmother was born in Denmark, and the boat named Anne Marie could be named after my great-grandmother. Several things shown from the antiques market would love great in our house! Thanks for sharing.


Sari kirjoitti...

Hi Linda, this was our second visit to Copenhagen and I really like the city and the street life it offers to visitors.

I didn't know that your paternal grandmother was from Denmark, so you have more roots here in Scandinavia, nice!

Oh that antique market street was so interesting, I ended up buying one of those Carlsberg wood boxes. Have to say that prices were quite high there though...