At the lake

We were at our lake house last weekend and the mornings were already very foggy.
Olimme viime viikonloppuna mökillä ja aamut olivat jo tosi sumuisia.

Late August is so beautiful even though we say goodbye to the summer at the same time.
Fall is approaching but in a way you already long for that season to start.
Just think about the rich fall foliage colors and those fresh autumn mornings.
And forests full of wild mushrooms and lingonberries.
Myöhäinen elokuu on niin kaunista aikaa, vaikka samalla jo hyvästelemme siinä ohella kulunutta kesää.
Syksy saapuu, mutta toisaalta sitä jo odottaa ruskan upeita sävyjä ja niitä raikkaita syksyisiä aamuja.
Niin ja metsät täynnä sieniä ja puolukoita.


3 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Lovely photos, Sari,

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. I love to decorate inside the house with pumpkins, brightly colored leaves, and wonderfully-scented candles. It is such a cozy time. May you enjoy the last days of August, and hopefully you will have what we call and Indian Summer in September.


Sari kirjoitti...

Thank you Linda :-)

Oh I remember our autumns in Texas. Also used to decorate our house with pumpkins and colored leaves :-) Here in Finland we don't really use pumpkins during fall season as decoration and there's not really any Halloween themed celebration here either.

But we have started our own tradition and try to have our own Harvest themed party with our neighbours every year :-)

I also hope we will have that Indian Summer here since the real summer was so cold... ;-)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

We do not do much in the way of decorating for Halloween. I prefer things to look like autumn. Right now I have throw pillows in shades of purple in the living room. But for autumn I will use something more neutral. I wish I had easy access to Scandinavian decor, as we saw things on our June trip that I really would like to have brought home. As it was, my suitcase and carry-on luggage were stuffed full!

I so enjoy seeing how you decorate! Keep inspiring me!