Spring flowers


It's that time again when narcissus and other spring
flowers are available at florist shops.
Nyt on taas se aika vuodesta, kun kevätkukkia ja
narsisseja on kukkakaupoissa.

Narcissus "Bridal Crown" is one of my favorites.
Perunanarsissi (mikä hassu nimi) on yksi suosikeistani.

And another new favorite for me is primrose.
Ja toinen uusi suosikki on myös esikko.

More about spring flowers at Kotiliesi blog.
Have you already bought some spring flowers for your home?
Have a nice weekend!
Lisää kevätkukkasista voit lukea myös Kotiliesi blogista :-)
Joko sinä muuten olet ostanut kevätkukkia kotiin?
Mukavaa viikonloppua!

5 kommenttia:

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

We have a couple of very unusual varieties of primroses in pots on our patio. And, inside the house is a pretty bouquet of carnations. And, exciting news is that reservations have been made for Helsinki this June. Can't wait.


Sari kirjoitti...

Hi Linda and sorry for my late reply. We've been in Central Finland at my parent's place since my father is quite ill.

Oh I wish we could have flowers outside already. Now it looks like the weather will change for warmer next week so I will probably get some narcissus outside.

So you're coming to Finland this summer, great news! If you need any tips I am more than happy to help :-)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Sari, I am sorry about your father. I hope that he will feel much better soon. Yes, we will have two days in Helsinki. Unfortunately, no time to go elsewhere in Finland. If you have suggestions for good shops or restaurants in Helsinki, I would love to know of them.
Our winter here has been very mild, while many other places in the US have been very cold with many feet of snow. We enjoy walking most evenings, seeing the earliest bulbs blooming in gardens along the way.
Thinking of you.

Sari kirjoitti...

Thank you Linda. I also hope that he will be better soon. These past 4 weeks have been a nightmare that I just wish would end.

I will email you later this week so we can talk more about cafes, restaurants and shops in Helsinki etc.

Have a nice day and let's be in touch!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Sounds good.